Our Philosophy

At SPP, we believe that every child is born with curiosity and the desire to explore, discover, and give meaning to the world around him or her—the desire to learn. These innate, universal qualities are shaped by each child’s environment: his or her unique experiences, family traditions, beliefs, and cultural background.
We believe that all people, including children, deserve to be treated with respect.
We believe that what preschoolers need to learn to prepare them for elementary school are social skills, emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills (small and large motor). We believe that the best and most natural way for children to learn these things is through play—that is, by seeking out a variety of experiences to engage all of their senses and to practice all of their developing skills and abilities. We also believe that learning is not a tidy, sequential process; learning progresses with big and little steps forward and backwards in many different domains. Most of all, we believe that children are strong and capable and will learn all of the things that they need to learn, each in his or her own time.

At SPP, these beliefs are reflected in our commitment to free choice and free play, our emphasis on social-emotional development, and our play-based, developmentally-appropriate, emergent curriculum.