Oldest Parent Preschool In Sunnyvale

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention and intelligent execution; it the wise choice of many alternatives. One way to measure the excellence of something is to measure how long it has been in operation. We all know that the longer wine and other beverages are allowed to mature over time, the better it becomes. We recognize that those who make it to old age and are still thriving, is a measure of success.

Well, the Sunnyvale Parent Preschool has been in existence with its current name since 1951. Its founders were a group of parents who wanted to provide a very healthy environment for their children and although they were seeing a growing movement of parents dropping their children off at public and private schools, they believed that it was a betrayal and a lack of responsibility to not be involved in managing the foundational education of their children.

They began with excellence in mind, and the Board of Sunnyvale Parent Preschool is committed to continuing this pattern.